See You This Sunday!

Mount of Olives will reconvene Sunday, June 21st.

All new updates will be posted here on our website.

Please click here to see the encouraging video messages Pastor Paul Gard has been recording during this time.

Sunday Message 5.31.20

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True faith is full of self-denial. Faith keeps us low. Paul didn't want us to be mistaken - 'It is Christ that lives in me, so don't live in my own power. It is Christ that keeps the house. I mortifying my corruptions and vanquish my temptations, but I am a debtor to Christ

Just a reminder of the prayer meeting tonight at 7pm. It is hosted on Zoom. Look for an email with the room number and password.

Just as a hen protects her brood and allows them to nestle under her wings, so the Lord will defend His people and let them hide away in Him. In this way let us shelter ourselves in our God and feel overflowing peace in knowing that He is guarding us. (Spurgeon on Ps 91:4)

Many may sit silently, refraining from discontented expressions, yet inwardly they are bursting with discontent. This shows a complicated disorder and great perversity in their hearts. And not withstanding their outward silence, God hears the fretful language of their souls.

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